The Snowman

Image of The Snowman

As a class we have been writing about the fantastic story The Snowman. We have been able to write character descriptions, setting descriptions and imagine we were the Snowman on that eventful Christmas Eve. We made cross curricular links with art and used tissue paper to create a collage of the…

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Year 5 Memorable Experience

The Ancient Greeks 

We have been learning about ‘The Ancient Greeks’ and as part of our memorable experience we visited Touchstones Musuem in Rochdale. 

We were treated on arrival by two time travellers who needed our help. A murder had been committed and we needed to solve the Ancient Greek…

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World War One

Image of World War One

Year 5 have been learning about World War One to remember the soldiers who fought for our country from 1914-1918. We have been visited by a soldier this week and we have learnt all the skills a soldier needed to survive in WW1. As a class we have researched the main events of the war and looked at…

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Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Experience Morning

Image of Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Experience Morning

Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Experience:

On Thursday 24th May our pupils were visited by a couple of guests who had travelled through the mists of time to host an Anglo-Saxon experience. Our pupils explored a time when England was divided into several, smaller kingdoms, each one thinking itself better…
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Year 5 Orienteering Afternoon

Image of Year 5 Orienteering Afternoon

Year 5 Orienteering afternoon:


On Thursday 22nd February the pupils in Year 5 got the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest adventurers this proud nation has produced. Looking on with interest was Shackleton, Fiennes, Grylls and Brian Blessed to see if the next…
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Year 5 Memorable Experience

Image of Year 5 Memorable Experience

Year 5 Memorable Experience

21 February 2018

Year 5 Memorable Experience

On Tuesday the 9th January Year 5 Coral and Lionfish went on a school visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in central Manchester. This trip was to be the “Memorable Experience” that kick starts our new…
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Year 5 Ancient Greek Olympics

Image of Year 5 Ancient Greek Olympics

Year 5 Coral Win dramatic Olympic battle against Year 5 Lionfish


The Oxford dictionary lists the meaning of the word defeat a follows; win a victory over (someone) in a battle or other contest; overcome or beat. On a fine late autumn afternoon it was Year 5 Lionfish who experienced the…
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A visit from Zeus!!!

Image of A visit from Zeus!!!

Greetings from the father of the Gods!!!

Year 5 earlier on this year, trembled in fear from a visit from the mighiest of all Greek Gods; Zeus. The mighty father of the Gods challenged Year 5 to create a champion worthy of attempting one of his deadliest challenges. 




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Comic book strips

Image of Comic book strips

As part of our Traders and Raiders topic, Year 4 have planned, designed and created their own comic book strips based on the legend of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. The children read a narrative version of the tale before sequencing the events. This helped them to plan a set of images to…

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Jamie's Food Revolution

Image of Jamie's Food Revolution

Throughout the school on Friday the children were given the opportunity to make and eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast! We used porridge oats, seeds, dried fruit and greek yogurt to make delicious muesli. The children enjoyed seeing the different ingredients that could be used and trying out…

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Factor pairs

Image of Factor pairs

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been investigating FACTORS!

We began by using equipment such as cubes to group numbers in different ways as arrays. 

This helped us to find and list every factor of the numbers we were investigating before organising them into factor pairs. 

We created…

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Traders and Raiders

Image of Traders and Raiders

Year 4 have made an excellent start to their new topic, Traders and Raiders! We began the topic by building Saxon ships long enough and strong enough to carry the whole team across the North Sea! We planned out our boats and decided on different ways to strengthen the structure using sellotape and…

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