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Welcome to Rainbow Fish Class


Rainbow Fish Class is a small class of twelve children with speech language and communication need. Through play, focus activities and small group teaching children in Rainbow Fish Class are nurtured through their learning journey. Adults support children to develop in their own unique ways. Nurture is at the heart of everything we do in Rainbow Fish class and adults build up strong relationships with the children to enable them to support them with their learning and development. Our environment and staff ensure that there is a total communication approach to everything we do and children are exposed to spoken word, signs and symbols to support their communication. Our days are highly structured and routine based to support the children.


Our classrooms…


Rainbow Fish is based across two classrooms, The Cove and The Rockpool we also have two outdoor areas The Deep and The Garden. Children also have regular access to the sensory room called the Sea Shell.


The Cove



The Rockpool




The Seashell



The Garden



A typical day…


A typical day in Rainbow Fish Class begins between 8.45am and 9am. Children enter the classroom to calming music and are free to play/choose a calming activity. 

We then sit for our morning greeting where we sing and sign good morning to everyone. After that we go to Foundation Stage playground for some physical activity.

After all that physical activity we return to the classroom for snack time where children are encouraged to choose their snack using objects of reference or picture/symbol cards.

Next the children have some free play where adults will support them with communication and interactions.


Then time for our first carpet session which might be maths, phonics or English.

After that children then take part in focus activities with an adult and free play support by adults. Before lunch we have Bucket time and singing where we focus on gaining children’s attention and increasing their engagement.

After lunch children return to the classroom for afternoon greeting which we sing and sign. Then children have free play supported by adults followed by snack. After snack we sit for another carpet session based around our topic theme.

Following this children will complete focused activities or free play with an adult.

Before we go home we gather again for a sensory session or movement session. We finish our day with some more singing and signing.


Through out the day children have a structured program of sensory sessions to support their self-regulation throughout the day. Each week we also have a PE session and a food fun session.






 Please take a look at our welcome booklet to give you further information about Rainbow Fish Class.



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