Welcome to Year 4 Starfish


Mr Randall - Class Teacher 



Welcome to Year 4 Starfish, I am Mr Randall and I am the class teacher and Mr Paul is the teaching assistant. We are excited to be teaching your children this year in Year 4 and can't wait to see them on their learning journey throughout the year.   Below is a timetable of things to remember each week. 


Our Weekly Timetable


Spelling and Times Tables Homework sent home. 

PE: Full PE kit must be in school. 

Reading book in school. 


PE: Full PE kit must be in school.

Reading book in school. 


Reading book in school. 


Reading book in school. 


Reading book in school. 

Homework to be returned. Spelling test. 



In order to excel this year and continue to improve your child’s learning we need to work together in continuing their learning outside school, therefore it is important our children are practising their times tables, spellings and reading daily. With the introduction of the statutory multiplication tables check in 2020, it has never been more important to be committed to completing work at home.  All children have been given a username and password for Times Table Rockstars (an online times tables game) and we encourage them to log on as many times as possible at home. We will also do our part; each child will complete times tables Rockstars worksheets four times a week in school in order to boost their learning in school as well. Children will be given a list of 10 spellings per week which follow a spelling rule for them to practise at home. Each child should be taking home and returning a reading book which has been assigned to them. The children also have 'myon' logins in order to read books online and can complete quizzes on the books they read at home. We will encourage children in Year 4 to become more independent learners so they are allowed to change their reading books themselves in the library.


Year 4 Curriculum Overview 


We have used the national curriculum and our expertise to map out a broad, balanced, creative and coherent curriculum. We believe our curriculum empowers our pupils to access and develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions to enable them to become well-rounded citizens who take with them a life-long love of learning.


Have a look at the Year 4 Curriculum below.


Science content and key knowledge 

Geography content and key knowledge

History content and key knowledge 


Long term plan 2023-2024


Autumn 1 medium term plan

 Autumn 1 Science Knowledge Organiser 2023-2024

Autumn 1 Geography Knowledge Organiser 2023-2024


Autumn 2 medium term plan

Autumn 2 Science Knowledge Organiser 2023-24

Autumn 2 History Knowledge Organiser 2023-24


 Spring 1 medium term plan

 Spring 1 Science Knowledge Organiser 2023-24

 Spring 1 History Knowledge Organiser 2023-24


 Spring 2 Medium Term Plan

 Spring 2 Science Knowledge Organiser 2023-24

 Spring 2 Geography Knowledge Organiser 2023-24


 Summer 1 Medium Term Plan

 Summer 1 Science Knowledge Organiser 2023-24

 Summer 2 Geography Knowledge Organiser 2023-24


Boarshaw Primary Promise

This is what we aim for all our pupils to have experienced by the end of the year.

 Boarshaw Primary Promise 


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