Imperial War Musuem

Year 6 recently visited the Imperial War Museum to learn much more about their topic ‘A Child’s War’ and its history focus of World War 2.The museum provided a fantastic insight into what life was like during this troubling period of English history.


We were able to meet the museum’s…

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Year 1 All Things Bright and Beautiful!

Image of Year 1 All Things Bright and Beautiful!
This half term the name of our topic has been ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful!’ As part of their topic, Year 1 have been finding out more about the world around them.
Year 1 have been scientists, finding out more about our daily weather. As scientists we can observe and record the…
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Paddington's visit to Boarshaw Community Primary School

Image of Paddington's visit to Boarshaw Community Primary School

A Diary of London.

This topic has focused on London today and the history of The Great Fire of London. 

To start our topic we recieved a letter from Paddington Bear. He explained that he would be learning alongside us this term in Year 2 and he was looking forward to reading our writing. As…

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Year 5 Memorable Experience

Image of Year 5 Memorable Experience

Year 5 Memorable Experience

On Tuesday the 9th January Year 5 Coral and Lionfish went on a school visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in central Manchester. This trip was to be the “Memorable Experience” that kick starts our new topic this term “Fantastic Britons and where to find…
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Year 1 Memorable Experience

Image of Year 1 Memorable Experience

Year 1 had a very special visit as part of our memorable experience. We were visited by Zoolab who brought with them some very special animals!


We found out lots of interesting information about all the animals who came e.g. what they like to eat, special body parts and their names, ways…

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Year 3 Memorable Experience

Image of Year 3 Memorable Experience

Y3 had a great day out at Tropical World for our memorable experience.  The children travelled through different tropical environments and saw a wide variety of creatures including insects, spiders, piranhas and meerkats!

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Who Lives in Happily Ever After?

Image of Who Lives in Happily Ever After?

Fairy Tale Hunt

To begin our new topic the Jolly Postman left us some clues. We had to read the clues and follow the instructions to find the stories we are going to learn about this term. We were very excited in finding the items and deciding what story they were form. Surprisingly we didn't…
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A Child's War

Happy New Year!

Year 6 have loved being back in school since starting our new topic 'A Child's War'. We were transported back in time to 1939 when the Second World War began! Sirens have begun, buildings have crumbled, and Spitfires were seen zooming overhead. Of course we had to take cover…
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Image of Computing

This term we having been computer technologists and used a variety of different ICT software. We have used Ipads, laptops and the interactive whiteboard in our classroom. The children loved coming up to the board demonstrating to the class what they had to do. They enjoyed taking turns being the…

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What a great term!

Image of What a great term!

Health Professionals


We started off this term by looking at Doctors and Dentists. We had a visit from the Dental Nurse who told us all about how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We then learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy and what different food we should eat. 


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A Wriggly Nativity

Image of A Wriggly Nativity

A Wriggly Nativity


The children in reception put on a fantastic Christmas performance retelling the Christmas story. The children enjoyed singing and acting and true to the title they were very wriggly!

The performance told the story of how the baby Jesus was born and the people that…

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Moz the Monster

Image of Moz the Monster

Our English this week has been based on the Christmas John Lewis advert 'Moz the Monster'. We have been able to describe Moz, make predictions about the present he leaves the boy and write a letter to thank him for his present. We enjoyed talking about our monsters that we find under the bed at…

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