Year 2 Memorable Experience

Year 2 will be learning about the Great Fire of London this half term. To help set up the experience we started to find out in our classes all about what happened and the sequence of key events. We used books, videos and the Internet to help us to research and establish key facts. Our teachers decided to set up a memorable experience which involved a fire engine!


Greater Manchester Fire Service was able to send out a fire engine and some fire officers to help us supervise the Great Fire of London in action! We made houses and set up the bakery on Pudding Lane. The fire officers lit the oven and soon all of Pudding Lane was ablaze!


We talked about how the fire spread due to the wind and the houses being so close together. We could experience using all our senses what it was like to be near a real fire. We used our experience to help us to write a detailed description about what it would have been like to be there in 1666.

The fire officers helped to extinguish the remainder of the flames and we could not believe all that was left was just a pile of ash! We had a fire safety talk about the dangers of a fire and ways we can keep ourselves safe at home. Thank you to Greater Manchester Fire Service for all their help. The pupils in Year 2 talked about what happened for days.